The xanalogical model can briefly be described as a system in which:


In order to facilitate a system of this nature, we believe that

  1. All Web media must have a UNIFORM METADATA INTERFACE which provides not only technical data about the media, but authorial, editorial, curatorial, and other sociocultural information such as titles, descriptions, authorship, ownership, usage rights, and so-on;
  2. That this metadata interface must also serve as a means of DISCOVERY for additional interfaces in order to foster a move away from Web documents as downloadable files toward a Web of extensible media objects; (MM+I)
  3. And that one of these additional interfaces must facilitate DEEP ADDRESSING and FRAGMENTARY RETRIEVAL of media. ?fragment
  4. Furthermore, we believe that Web media should have the capability of recording its relationships to other media, and that it should be able to respond to queries about those relationships. To that end, we propose a system of automatic LINK REGISTRATION, and a corresponding LINK QUERY INTERFACE.?link